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Meet the Expert

Jennifer Barner

Founder of Lighthouse Ventures, Jennifer started her real estate journey under the mentorship of the Rich Dad program.


Starting with single-family homes, she transitioned into multifamily properties. As a syndicator, she now serves as General Partner for 1,168 doors across five states.


Due to Jennifer’s success in real estate, she has achieved her goal of putting her four children through college debt-free while growing their net worth sixfold. She is now coaching others on their journey to financial freedom, empowering them to reach their financial goals and build a prosperous future.


My goal is to make investing simple and rewarding by leveraging the expertise and trusted network of professionals. You will be kept well-informed and confident every step of the way.

Most importantly, we identify high-quality investments through careful and conservative underwriting, ensuring mutual success in growing your net worth and portfolio. Partner with us to experience a seamless, profitable investment journey.

My Focus

Why Invest?

Welcome to Lighthouse Ventures, where we specialize in serving high net worth individuals seeking reliable and trustworthy experts to grow their net worth through real estate investments. We understand the value of your time and the importance of trust in handling your hard-earned dollars. Our dedicated team provides exceptional service and expertise, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your investments with peace of mind.

Let us help you achieve your financial goals while you live life on your own terms.

Come Invest
& Grow with us!


Cash flow is the net income generated from a rental property after all operating expenses and mortgage payments are deducted, providing a steady and reliable income stream that reduces financial risk and contributes to long-term wealth building.

Economies of Scale

Investing in one particular geographical area enables us to minimize expenses while leveraging personnel from other owned properties giving us a competitive advantage and controlling rent growth.  

Tax Benefits

With large multi family assets we can conduct a cost segregation study which enables us to accelerate the depreciation to all investors benefiting each and every investor investing.  

Risk Diversification

We don't experience the ups and downs of the market which help protect you by investing in a tangible asset.

The Process

Meeting Room

We thoroughly examine potential investment opportunities by studying growth markets and migration patterns before ever sharing a property.  This includes monitoring U.S. Census reports, one way moving patterns, and both income and population growth.  Once an area and property both meet our criteria, we introduce the opportunity to you.

1st Step

Once you decide to invest passively with us, we continuously monitor and manage your investment to maximize returns and ensure our business plan is executed as projected. Our team oversees property operations, ensures financial performance, and maintains tenant relationships to optimize returns. By investing with us, you will own a direct percentage of the property and, depending on the business plan, will likely receive monthly disbursements from the profits. We will provide you with monthly financial reports and annual K-1s for your review, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.

2nd Step

Once the asset reaches our projected income and the business plan is executed, we will either refinance or sell the asset. If the asset was deemed a legacy investment, we will return your capital; otherwise, we will proceed with the sale and distribute profits based on your ownership share. Additionally, you often have the opportunity to reinvest in upcoming assets, minimizing your capital gains exposure and continuing the growth cycle.

3rd Step

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Current & Past Investment Portfolio

Modern Townhouses

Kabana Cove

Year Built: 1974
Units: 80

8.6 M

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