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Managing Family
Mastering Finance


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Where Do I Start?

Gain clarity on your future, find your passion, and get educated!


The Mastering Money For Moms Podcast is a value packed interview with industry professionals.

New episodes out weekly!


Currently, our course on how to replace your 9-5 income with a rental portfolio is being built. 

We are eager to release this comprehensive guide soon!


The Mastering Money for Moms Newsletter shares deep dives on relationship, building a business, and raising a family.

Letters released weekly!


Mastering Money For Moms 1:1 Program

Build a rental portfolio, increase your net worth and learn a recession proof skill.

Lauren Gripka


Jennifer’s one on one coaching has been invaluable to my real estate investing career. The knowledge she shares of the business, analyzing individual deals and introductions to financing partners has allowed me to start and grow my portfolio. She has given me the confidence to close deals and self manage properties by answering all of my questions and creating a path forward for continued growth. 

Jennifer has coached 30+ individuals on their journey to financial freedom.

With nearly a decade in experience, Jennifer has done single-family and multi-family.

Whether it's finding your first home to flip or finding your first multi-family deal, Jennifer is your go to gal!

Jennifer Barner


Invest with Lighthouse Ventures

Passively invest in the next offering.


Lighthouse Ventures' geographical area of expertise includes the Southeast. With properties located in Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, and the Carolinas.


With over $155M in Assets Under Management, Lighthouse has had extraordinary success, bringing investors a significant return on their initial investments.


Lighthouse Ventures is a Private Equity Real Estate Firm, with nearly a decade in experience in the multi-family property space. We do everything in our power to provide the best possible returns to our investors. 

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